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The websites below contain articles of various lenght. Common nominator is that they aim towards unbiased research of aikido and related arts. 


Guillaume Erard is "a French biologist (B.Sc., PhD) and budo instructor living and working in Tokyo, Japan", and conducting research on budo, aikido and aiki-jujutsu.


Aikido Sangenkai is "a non-profit volunteer group in Honolulu, Hawaii dedicated to research and training in the art of Aikido". Alphabetical Article Index:

Aikido Journal has an extensive collection of aikido related articles and interviews. Historical research on aikido was lead by Stanley Pranin from the founding of the journal in 1974 until he passed away in 2017. Collaborative research projects continue with select individuals.


Archives of Budo 

Archives of Budo is "an international peer reviewed journal publishing articles on various aspects of the sports sciences [...]"

Daito-ryu aikijujutsu